A family of creative brands, with a passion for storytelling.

Planet Unicorn is a Boutique Creative Studio & Storytelling Gallery designed to help manage artists, develop and execute brand and artist social media and marketing strategy, and create original content. 

Rocking Uniplane Adventurer:

Symbolizes sticking to our roots while sharing our passion to explore to the great unknown and tell amazing stories along the way.

General Inquiries:

Why Us?

Based in San Francisco, California and a slice of Anchorage, Alaska, we have personally been working as full time creative directors, photographers & filmmakers for over 8 years. We have a huge passion for the industry and specialize in brand direction, social marketing, aerial photography, cinematography and the storytelling space.  

With a combined web design and new media background, journalism and editorial, our ongoing experience in the photography and filmmaking space, and through growing a vast network and audience on social media, we are on a mission to fuse these passions together to build and develop a creative studio to amplify the vision of micro-brands & creators (and macro!) that are at the forefront of our creative industry.