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The Block Tower // Hong Kong Aerial

To start off a 3.5 week trip and before heading to Southeast Asia, we stopped in Hong Kong for 4 days to see the area and visit Kowloon. This was our last, longest and most urban stop before heading into the...


Kilauea Volcano – Hawaii // An Aerial Story

A collection of Aerial & Boat Photographs & Video from the Big Island of Hawaii by Toby Harriman. Documentation of the Kilauea Volcano & the Fissure 8 Lava in the Ocean Entry Laze. I am still a bit in...

Alaska StoriesDestinationTravel09/24/2018

Chelatna Lake Lodge // Alaska Stories

At the Chelatna Lake Lodge, they combine world-class Alaska trout fishing, luxurious lodging with incredible views and amazing food, and personal, friendly service to offer you the Alaska vacation of a...

AerialAlaska StoriesVideo09/10/2018

Defend Dutch CAF // Alaska Stories

Well here we go, the first project I am releasing here on the relaunch and all new Planet Unicorn. I am beyond excited to start sharing a backlog of projects as well as projects from many other very talented...

Alaska StoriesPhotography09/01/2018

Ski 12 Months // Alaska Stories

In 2016, I decided I’d like to do some kind of project that involved snowboarding and photography. I had heard that people ski throughout the year in Alaska so I thought I’d like to try it. The goal was to...


CMH Cariboo Mountains Heli-Hiking

Well... that was a beyond incredible week, heli-hiking in the Cariboos with @cmh_heli. It was awesome spending time and connecting with a bunch writers, photographers, filmmakers and all sorts of marketing and...


The Surviving Drone Crash

This is one of the experiences that was vivid when it first happened, but fell to the wayside soon after to the point that I almost forgot it happened. I took this video in Oregon while driving north during my...


A Typical San Francisco Morning

A Typical San Francisco Morning is a short aerial project shot by Toby Harriman during two-morning flights during the beginning months of October. Everything was shot handheld out of Robinson R22 Helicopter on...


Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film

This idea came from the aether; it emerged over time. Several years ago (2012) while exploring my passion for black and white photography I found myself wandering into a look I call ‘Gotham’. I have a passion...


Aerial San Francisco 4K Film

Please note that no drones were used in the making of this film. I would not fly drones in many of these areas nor are some of these areas even legal for drones. I flew in a Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopter....


A Slice of Colorado’s Autumn // 4K Timelapse & Aerial

During September and October of 2013 and 2015 I drove from San Francisco back to my birth state of Colorado to experience a bit fall. Growing up there, I was young and not really into photography yet. So it is...


Autumn in Aspen

This past fall Andrew Studer and I decided to hit the road and head to Aspen, Colorado to see what we could do with the fall colors I knew would be popping up as the weather cooled down. I’m originally from...


A Visualization of My Time with the Pentax 645z

Over the past year or so, I have been lucky enough to have a great working relationship with Ricoh/Pentax, and have been fortunate enough to have extended playing time with their digital medium format, the...


How San Francisco Transformed Me // Travel Stories

I came to San Francisco in the fall of 2009, to attend the Academy of Art University and pursue a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design, more specifically Transportation Design. I also came to play NCAA...


Investment & Saving as a Freelance Artist

New year new goals! As a young artist whose focus is creating, it isn’t easy for me (and I imagine many of you) when I have to address the nitty-gritty true business side of things. Even more simplistically,...


Behind the Scenes: How We Made The Top Gun Video

Early this year I was contacted by my good friend Blair Bunting regarding a second jet shoot. Second? Yes, two years ago I directed and edited two videos for the United States Air Force Air Demonstration...


The Creation of “Gotham City SF” Film Score

For many artists in photo and video, the general process of creating photo or a film is generally known, even if we admit to ourselves we couldn’t have actually done it, we at least can fathom an idea of how...


Alaska – Timelapse Film 4K

In the summer of 2015, my friend Sarah and I decided to take a 2-month backpacking trip around Alaska. It was amazing to take that much time off and I am so glad I did it when I did....


New Years Fireworks San Francisco 2014 Timelapse

I normally wouldn’t have much interest in shooting a timelapse of fireworks. You just can’t get that many frames per second, which is why it looks like it’s going 100mph! But I decided to...

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