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Chelatna Lake

A Truly Unique Alaskan Fishing Lodge

It was a beautiful sunny July day in Alaska, flying around the Knik Glacier area with my buddy Kyle from Regal Air when he connected me with his friend Matt Bertke, who happen to just purchase the Chelatna Lake Lodge from his parents. And after 10 years of being closed, he has it back up and running. Matt invited me up for the weekend and I couldn’t pass it up!

I love when you get to a place and all you can think is… “How have I not known about this place before!” That moment was on this trip, getting flown up to the Chelatna Lake Lodge and landing and staying on the lake right in front of the Alaska Range. The views are insane, to say the very least and we also got quite lucky with some amazing weather to show it all off.

These days I feel like I am literally flying around more than I am grounded, or doing anything else for that matter. But living up here in Alaska, that is just the norm and probably why I was so drawn to this amazing place. Everyone I meet up here is just a grown child with a grown-up toy plane!

Cheers to the Chelatna Lake Lodge for the amazing weekend and Skydance Aviation for showing up out of nowhere with the incredible yellow painted plane that makes any photographer drool a little! And of course, allowing Desi us to jump off it!

At the Chelatna Lake Lodge, they combine world-class Alaska trout fishing, luxurious lodging with incredible views and amazing food, and personal, friendly service to offer you the Alaska vacation of a lifetime.

Your remote lodge experience will be unparalleled. Fly-fish for Alaska rainbow trout along a pristine mountain stream, go hiking and view spectacular Denali National Park, boat around and explore one of Alaska’s most beautiful settings, or simply relax and take a lakeside sauna and swim.

I hope you enjoyed this little weekend adventure. Be sure to check out their website for more info and to book your stay!

I definitely get inspired by some of Chris Burkard plane shots and deep down I almost didn’t want to shoot this. But you will find when you are out in the elements, this stuff isn’t planned or setup and just happens without much thought. Just boys and their toys, wanting a morning shower in the lake!

Huge thanks to Matt with Chelatna Lake Lodge for having me out.


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