New Years Fireworks San Francisco 2014 Timelapse

I normally wouldn’t have much interest in shooting a timelapse of fireworks. You just can’t get that many frames per second, which is why it looks like it’s going 100mph! But I decided to anyways and wanted to share a quick little video from New Years this year! I love how lit up SF gets, especially from this vantage point. Was bummed that they turned off the beacon on the Transamerica building 5 minutes before the show though, not really sure why.

Gear & Settings:
Canon 5D MK III
Canon 17-40mm f/4L
ISO 1000
1/4 Seconds
I just locked my clicker and got lucky with no buffering.

Filmed & Edited: Toby Harriman

Music: Max Richter
Track: Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Autumn 3

For licensing & inquires please contact me at:
[email protected]

Category: Timelapse, Travel, Video
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